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Desire more Free Time? First be the one to give it.

Time doesn't matter when you volunteer

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the busy work schedule, tedious tasks, and never ending errands? So have I…many many times.

It bogged me down and left me drained. I literally felt like I had weights on my shoulders every day just adding more and more to my exhaustion. It got to a point where I finally realized the stress it was putting on me and my life.

So I set out to find a solution to how I can get more free time. Sure, my business is creating more freedom and I help people every day, but I still needed something different. Maybe it’s my desire to try new things and experience life to the fullest.

What I found to be a great solution for experiencing Time Freedom is this:
Volunteer your time

Simple right? It is…and it does wonders.

The last two weekends in a row I volunteered my time at running events. I volunteered at the Carlsbad Marathon and the Strasburg 5k. Lot’s of great things came out of it!

I thought I had so much to do each day to stay on track for my goals. The thought of me giving the majority of my day to something else seemed to be too much to take on. Nope!

Not only did I have a great time without stressing the excuse “I don’t have time…”
-I learned great ideas to implement with my marathon goal
-I felt like I was on vacation
-I left feeling revived and refreshed
-I connect with awesome new clients
-I boosted my self confidence by giving my time selflessly
-and all the other priorities I set for myself aligned prefectly for me to accomplish.

When you give your time…there’s no other option but for you to get more of it. It’s awesome how it works. I’m not looking to get down to the science of it, I just believe and trust in that law because..
1. I don’t want to complicate things by over analyzing it
2. It worked for me, and it can work for you!

So…if you want more free time in your day, try giving it first!

-What’s your favorite charity or cause?
-What are some things you’d like to do this year? What can you do to volunteer in that area?
-What hobbies or lifestyles excite you?

Search these ideas online because there’s a good chance people are looking for an extra hand. You’ll be hittin more than 2 birds with this one stone.

As always, if you want suggestions or have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂 I’m here to help bring health and freedom into your life.

Beau Basinger
Health and Freedom Expert


About beaubasinger

Beau Basinger Defined (bo bay-sing-er) n. 1. a passionate, philanthropic health and freedom expert whose expertise on nutrition, customer loyalty, and personal development is world renowned. 2. known for presentations, group fitness and well being programs that are effective, results based, and simple to apply. 3. enthusiastic. 4. spontaneous. 5. genuine interest in people. 6. gives people and families opportunities to improve their health and finances so they can thrive no matter what the conditions See also: philanthropist. MENTOR. Beau Basinger has mentored and guided numerous individuals through his personal experiences and the wisdom of others. Beau has helped individuals start business’ in the area of health, fitness, communications, marketing, and sales. TRANSFORMATIONS. With each person, Beau focuses on three key areas, but not limited to, so the results are maximized; Health, Fitness, and Mindset. BIG ORGANIZATION CUSTOMERS. Beau’s customers include U.S. Military/Drill Instructors, and Independently owned Spa’s and Salons, Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, Crossfit Trainers, Gym owners, Cross Country athletes, Professional & Olympic Athletes, and many other organizations. ON THE INTERNET. Beau has a strong following online through YouTube, Facebook, Meetup, Google, Twitter and other popular hosts from readers and event attendees. His state-of-the-art presence on the web has set the standard among peers, and has won huge acceptance from his customers through building relationships. SURF AND TURF FITNESS. Beau is the Founder and Organizer of Surf and Turf Fitness. Surf and Turf Fitness is a large group of outgoing, healthy individuals who enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. Multiple times each month the friends of S&T get together for hiking, kayaking, surfing, snowboarding, and other adventurous activities. Surf and Turf Fitness allows Beau to connect with people of all ages to share a vision of True Health and Freedom into their lives. You can join us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/SurfAndTurfFitness *I’m committed to giving value first. I enjoy helping other people. I strive to be the best at what I love to do. What I do is help others achieve the lifestyle they dream of through Health and Freedom. *I make sure to establish long term, solid relationships with everyone. I have fun, I smile, and I laugh (and I do that every day).


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